Friday, June 3, 2016

Beer garden Augustiner Munich

This weekend we are going to the beer garden with the entire family. Beer gardens are the best place to be when it is summer in Munich. Most of them have chestnut trees and it is allowed to bring your own food the only thing you need to buy is ( the name already tells you :)) beer/drinks. People also "share" the bench with strangers which is very nice as you get to know a lot of new people very easily Due to the trees it is a little green area in the middle of the city and it is cooler than at most places plus it is very refreshing to drink a fresh beer or shandy. My favorite beer garden in Munich is Augustiner Keller. For me it is the most traditional one and even though it can be crowded on very hot summer days you will still find a place to sit due to the big size of it.


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