Friday, July 29, 2016

Little Water Sprite Book

Tim and I have been reorganizing our attic as over time you tend to keep too many things and it can get quite chaotic. When you open all the boxes to check for me the problem is that I tend to see things and then thinking about all the memories some things have which is really not helpful if you want to get it done in a short amount of time, I sometimes feel sorry for Tim :).

But in one of my childhood boxes I came across an old book, the title water sprite, which I had as a audiobook on cassette and I played it almost every night before I went to bed. Back then with the cassette player you had to switch them manually when one side was played or in my case I had already fallen asleep in the middle of the first side. You might think well was it that boring? No it was the opposite it is a really good story for kids, I fell asleep because it was such a calming story and of course I had heard it a 100 times and I really loved it.

If you have children this is a really good book from German author Otfried Preussler:


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