Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fig Jam

One of my favorite desserts is warm goat cheese with either honey or fig jam. October is the season for many nice fruits, like apples, pears and figs, so I should hurry up to make some fig jam. I've found a new and easy recipe which I would like to try:

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Here is what you need:

1 litre fresh figs
2.5 dl sugar
1 vanilla bean
2 table spoons of water

Rinse the figs with fresh water and cut into pieces ( do not peel). Split the vanilla bean pod lengthwise into two halves and scrape the seeds. Put the figs, the pod and the seeds together with the sugar and the water into a cooking pot and let simmer for ca. 30 minutes until the figs are tender. The jam needs to cool down a little before filling it into sterilized jars.


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