Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Vanillekipferl- Vanilla Christmas cookies

Since I was a child my Mum has baked Christmas cookies. "Vanillekipferl" is my favorite, that is a vanilla/hazelnut dough that are crescent shaped. I've baked these this weekend as these are also Tim's favorite biscuits:


· 260 gr flour

· 1 pinch of backing powder

· 125 gr sugar

· 2 sachets of vanilla sugar

· 3 egg yolks

· 200 gr butter

· 125 gr ground hazelnuts

· Powdered sugar

· 2 sachets of vanilla sugar


Mix the butter with the sugar, the flour, the egg yolks and the ground hazelnut, add the backing powder. Work the ingredients until a smooth, homogeneous dough is obtained. Let it rest in a cool place for 1-2 hours.

Form crescent and put them on a backing plate, bake for approx. 5 Minutes at 200°C , let them cool a little but not too much. Mix the powdered sugar and the vanilla sugar and turn them in the sugar mix.

Let them cool down before keeping them into a cookie jar.

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