Friday, November 7, 2014

Meister Eder und sein Pumuckl - Bavarian series for children

Autumn is a typical time of the year where I start to tidy up. Today it was time for our attic. Some of the  moving boxes have been unopened since at least 15 years, one of them is a box where I keep things I loved when I was a child like "Meister Eder und sein Pumuckl".

Pumuckl is a kobold ( it is the cartoon figure on the right) invented by Ellis Kaut and is invisible to people around him except for the master joiner Eder (the person to the left) with whom Pumuckl lives in Bavaria. Pumuckl loves everything that has to do with the ocean and he doesn't like neat and clean places, so he strands in Meister Eder's untidy workshop where gets stuck on a pot of glue. Whenever a kobold gets stuck to something, they become visible, and must stay with the human who sees them. 

There are a lot of episodes that tell about their life together starting from the way they meet each other and until how the got close friends, which is really not easy as Meister Eder is a man that is happy to be by himself and Pumuckl is quite cheeky sometimes. But it's this interaction between the two that is funny, even for grown-ups.

Unfortunately you need to understand German to be able to watch the series, as it hasn't been translated into other languages as far as I know.  But it is one of the best series for children that I know and I'm looking forward to watching it this weekend again after all these years...

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